31 Mei 2012

Twitter Iambic Pentameter

Waiting. Patiently waiting
A loop turned into the noises of crickets
Smashing the silence of a windy night.

Hyenas joined in for the music
Calling their lover to the moon
Patiently waiting over for some mystical magic
In the mysterious night.

I stumbled myself on the bed
Rolling over for a stupid comfort
I could not sleep
I rather be eavesdropping to the beauty of the musical night

Do I have to linger
Or do I have to leave
Moving on to other things
And let the fail to go beyond past
Let the coming to be virtuous.

Waiting. Patiently waiting
For the curtains to close
And for the time to go.

nota-magnet-refrigerator : aku tulis benda ni kat Twitter. Rasa macam patut letak dekat sini jugak.

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