27 Mei 2012

Post Jiwang #1

You are the mess in my head
You are the dream in my bed
You are the wonders that go through stormy days
You made my life miserable in a way
You are an attention, attraction and a fiction
You made my life gone incomplete with a mission
You can not be understood
Nor your actions can do me any good
You are my depression and anger
You were never my healer

I'm just a jealous fool
With nothing and I still can't play it cool
I can't prove to you right away
Or you'll run leaving me astray
I can't read your mind
And you will never read mine
But forever I will try
Until you went away,
Holding hands with another guy.

nota-magnet-refrigerator : seminggu yang lepas aku gundah. Tiba-tiba keluar pulak puisi ni. Peduli la kan, belog aku.

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