22 Disember 2012

No More

No more giggle
No more smile
No more person I can tickle
It has been awhile

No more big eyes
No more tiny feet
No more hearing cries
When it's time to feed

No more anger
No more stress
No more scolding his older brother
Or complaining no time to rest

No more singing lullabies
No more kisses on the cheek
Because of you I will always try
Just to be strong, and never be weak

I've been missing his round face
And the beat from his heart
I miss all of these days
You held my finger telling we'll never be apart

Please wait in heaven
As you have no sin
I'll be a better person
So we can be together again

nota-magnet-refrigerator : sangat merindui anak-anak buah aku.

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