24 Oktober 2011

Xtrovert - Finding The Serenade

I was on my starlight way

When you came by and say hey

I must be dreaming I've got to pinch myself

You're the one I'm looking for

My senses telling me and I'm so sure

Why does my heart beats so fast.

When you talk, it's all I want to remember

But is it hard, for us to see each other.


Your smile, it makes me wild

Even if it takes me miles

I wanna always be with you

Please don't stop all your love for me

Coz we were always meant to be

I wanna always be with you

* * * * * * *

Are we still holding hands

Are we still holding friends

Coz I wish you to be mine forever

Ohh it's enough for me

I can't stand how its gonna be

Please tell me that you love me

When you walk, I wanna walk beside you

When it's hard, I'm always there beside you.


We're on the sideways

Everybody hates what we hate

But I can't stand forever

I will always pray

That we'll be together till the end of day

* * * * * * *

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